Friday, April 11, 2014

Chicken, Asparagus, and Potatoes in Browned Butter and Mushroom Sauce

Who says you can’t have an overly fancy-seeming meal at home. Granted I came up with this because I needed to use the mushrooms and asparagus.

1. Boil small potatoes in salted water

3. Prep the chicken. I used chicken leg quarters and cut into bite sized pieces, because it’s cheaper and today I had time to do that. A boneless breast would be ok too.
Dropped into hot olive oil along with minced garlic and half a small yellow onion, also minced.
Added flavors: now this is really up to your preference but what I did: thyme, generous splash of marsala, pinch of giner, small dash of soy sauce, and seasoned salt that contained salt, pepper, paprika, and the vague term “spices” (turmeric, sugar, garlic, onion, oregano, were some) And a dash of sea salt.
Cook, and continue cooking until just about all the liquid is boiled down but before it starts browning

4. Browned butter sauce with mushrooms: I more or less used this recipe, but made it much smaller as I only had three large white mushrooms to use, that I cut up thinly, (I used all butter, about 5tb total, and a splash of marsala)

5. Nuke covered or steam the asparagus with a small pad of butter.

Assemble and enjoy.

The browned butter sauce was really what made this amazing.
And one of these days I’ll make better pictures. But today is not that day.