Saturday, March 8, 2014

5-minute Lemon curd and Strawberry Tart - For one

Ever wanted something sweet, and quick?
Heck yes!

I have a mini tart bowl, but even a regular Corelle bowl will work.
I used my bullet blender, which has made life so much easier and I don't know how I've lived without it so long.

The crust is powdery but goes well with the curd and cream. It tastes like shortbread.
The Curd is Dickinson Lemon Curd

(*Note, all measurements are approximations)

For the crust:
2 large or 3 scant Tblsp cold butter
1/8c almond flour
1/4c tapioca starch
dash-1/8tsp guar gum (or equivalent, also not entirely necessary)
Dash cinnamon

Blend, press into bowl, microwave for 2 1/2 minutes. A little golden in the middle or on the edges is fine. In fact, nuke it until that happens.

For the Curd:
Buy or make one you like.
Spread into the finished crust.

For the Cream:
Using the bullet blender (or any preferred method) blend cream, capful of vanilla, and two spoons of sugar. Adjust amount of sugar or vanilla to your preference.
Takes less than a minute this way.
Dollop onto the curd.

Cut rinsed strawberries and put on the cream, and enjoy.

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