Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sweet Potato Fry Bread

Or, my one-hour sammich.
I don't recall the exact recipe I based this off of, so it may have been an accidental creation, but I've made it plenty that it takes one hour from start to licking my fingers clean.

What's needed:
Sweet Potato
Almond Flour
Tapioca Starch
Olive Oil

How to do it:
*Nuke the sweet potato until it is done. Peel the skin off.
       -I like to take the ends off and run a fork between skin and meat and peel that way. Careful, it's hot.-
*Drop it in a medium to large bowl.
     -For more precise measurements, mix equal parts tapioca starch to potato present. (so if the potato yields 1.5 cups, add 1.5 cups tapioca.)-
Half of the tapioca starch, add almond meal.
     -In this example, 3/4 cup-
*Now, if you like to micromanage your food and don't want to risk putting in too much flour, then do what i do: drop the tater in, and start with 1/2c tapioca and 1/4 c almond and mix until incorporated. Then in 1/8c or tablespoon increments, continue adding until it is kneadable and doesn't all stick to the hands.
*At this point, grab a frying pan, medium sized works best, drop a splash of olive oil in it, and turn the heat to medium.
*Take a small ball of the doug, roll it, and flatten it between the heels of the hand, flipping form hand to hand so it doesn't stick. Get it as thin as possible without tearing.
*Drop in hot oil.
*Flip when golden brown and adjust heat as necessary so it doesn't burn but so it cooks all the way.

I like to when I get to cooking the second piece is place cheese and meat on the cooked side so that once it's done, I take it out, add tomatoes and lettuce, add the second half, and voila, I have made a sandwich.

Can be used to make great grilled cheese, BLT, Tuna melt, though in my opinion, it tastes fine, but much better as a meat'n'cheese  type fare. Goes great with soups and stews or by itself as a snack.
I've refrigerated- wrapped in paper towels for 4 days so far and they've been fine, I either microwave or fry it in butter. And I've frozen them separated by paper towels in a large ziplock, but I can't tell you for how long as I tend to eat them too fast.

One average potato makes 2-4 bread slices, but that also depends on how big the bread is, whether it's saucer or dinner plate sized. And my grain-full friends said it tasted like joy.

I have tried this by adding regular potatoes, and it doesn't work.
If the sweet tater you've tried doesn't yield chewy results, it could be due to the breed used. Try another variety and don't give up.

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