Thursday, March 20, 2014

Potato pancakes, Banana Pancakes and Sausage with Real Maple Syrup

Breakfast, that's what's for dinner.

Potato Pancakes, banana pancakes, and sausage with real maple syrup

Also, I love sausage and maple syrup

Potato Pancake:about~
2 smallish potatoes. today one red and yellow: shredded
3TBLS dried onion
2/3 tsp sea salt
1 egg
1TBLS potato flour
black pepper, parsley (powdered between the hands), garlic, paprika OR seasoned salt to taste

*Mix, fork works best
*Drop a couple forkfuls into hot olive oil in a largish pan and spread flat (but not so flat the pan can be seen through the potatoes).
*Flip when golden brown and place more oil in as needed to fry the pancakes up.
*Feel free to taste them as they come off to see if flavors need to be adjusted.
=Can be refrigerated but they get soggy however they still taste good.
++As a side note, this is the first time I tried red and white combo and they didn't hold up as well as just using a white tater has in the past, but it tasted better than before. So.. I guess you take some and you lose some.

Banana and egg pancakes:
one egg, one banana, dash of cinnamon
Can be cooked up like a regular pancake in butter, olive oil, or bacon grease, I prefer butter for the taste.

links, patties, chunks, turkey, whatever your favorite is.

Put on plate, drown (or lace) with real maple syrup.

-=The pictures do not serve this plate justice, it tasted so good the plate was clean in a very short 5 minutes.=-

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