Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tools for the Treats

Out of everything I make, these are what I use the most often to make the deliciousness out of.

In no particular order:

Olive oil (I have a large jug under the cupboard to fill up this one). I occasionally use coconut oil, but everything is cooked with or even fried in Olive oil.
Real Vanilla Flavoring I know there's been some "research" that says there is no difference between imitation and real, I just prefer the real stuff.
Butter butter is amazing and so much healthier than all that non-butter nonsense. Tastes so much better.
Sea Salt I rarely salt anything, but if I do it's with this. IMO there's more/better flavor with sea salt.
Almond Flour is a dangerous place to go, they have alot of awesomeness there. Plus a 5lb bag of almond flour for a pretty good price.
Tapioca flour/starch necessary for a lot of stuff
Potato starch (the one with the red label) also necessary for a lot of stuff.
Sweet potato flour (the one with the green label) also necessary for a lot of stuff.
Mortar and pestle (+sifter) the sweet 'tater flour is chunky so it gets powdered and sifted in with the other flours.

There is of course other items I use, various binders, tools, dishes, other flours, but these are the primary items used.
Of note, I get the three other flours at the Asian market because they actually have sweet potato flour (I haven't seen that anywhere else) and they have it for very cheap.

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